Dan Tysk turbines all in place

All 80 Siemens turbines are in place at the Dan Tysk offshore wind farm in the German North Sea, said developers Vattenfall and SWM.

Benign weather helped speed the installation process along in four months, with the last of the 3.6MW machines added yesterday.

The wind farm will be connected to the grid via the SylWin1 link, for which Siemens installed the converter platform in July.

Christian Vogt, head of corporate investment management at utility SWM, said: "The erection of the last turbine in the DanTysk project could be completed as scheduled and is an important step on the way to the implementing of the whole wind farm.

“The successful construction progress on this project allows us to look forward to the next joint project Sandbank from SWM and Vattenfall which will be placed in the neighbourhood."