Riffgat due for August start, EWE says

The 108MW Riffgat wind farm off the German North Sea coast is expected to go on line at the end of August, weather conditions allowing, said Wilfred Hube, managing director of the project for German regional utility EWE.

The company will in April start to erect the plant’s 30 Siemens 3.6MW turbines, he said. Foundations and an export cable are already in place.

Water depths at Riffgat of 18 to 23-metres are relatively shallow by the standards of German offshore wind, as the farm 15km north-west of the island of Borkum is located closer to the coast than other German projects, Hube told an industry conference in Hamburg.

That location is also facilitating the connection to the electricity grid via a 50km direct cable to the coast, unlike other German North Sea offshore parks.

EWE Energie holds a 90% stake in Riffgat, with developer Enova Energiesysteme holding the remaining 10%. The two companies have said they’re investing €450 million ($597m) in Riffgat.