Q3 Korea test for HHI 5.5MW turbine

South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) says it is on track to install a prototype 5.5MW offshore wind turbine off Jeju Island in the third quarter, for the first of two planned test runs.

The industrial group, based in the southeastern city of Ulsan, is currently assembling the nacelle for the HQ5500/140 prototype, developed with US technology group AMSC’s Windtec division.

For the first stage of the 5.5MW offshore prototype’s two-phase testing process, HHI will install the turbine off the northeast coast of Jeju, an island province to the south of the Korean peninsula.

HHI spokesperson Moon-ju Kim told Recharge the company is on schedule to finish the first phase of testing by the fourth quarter of next year. 

Asked whether it plans to carry out second-phase testing in Europe, Kim said it had yet to solidify its plans.

“We’re considering extending our offshore wind business in the North or Baltic Sea areas, to the UK or Germany in the near future,” Kim tells Recharge.

HHI and AMSC have previously worked together on 1.65MW and 2MW onshore wind turbines.

By 2016, HHI hopes to provide the 5.5MW turbine for use in a 2.5GW Korean offshore wind drive.

The government-led initiative, which involves six utilities, including Korean Electric Power Co (KEPCO), is still in the early stages of development off the coast of Jeollanam and Jeollabuk provinces.

The project will test 20 different turbines from a range of Korean manufacturers.

The Seoul government wants to install 100MW of offshore turbines this year, 900MW by 2016 and 1.5GW by 2019, for a total investment of roughly 12tln won ($10.8bn).