Now Samsung 7MW has nacelle

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has hoisted the nacelle for its 7MW offshore wind prototype into place atop the turbine’s tower at a demonstration site off the north-east coast of Scotland.

The giant machine’s 83.5-metre-long blades are slated to be bolted on by before the end of the week at the Energy Park Fife in Methil by contractor Graham Construction.

Fully assembled, the SHI machine will be the world’s largest and most powerful installed turbine, with its blade-tips reaching 196 metres above sea level and a nacelle height of 110 metres.

A duplicate of the nacelle, built around a drive train from the UK’s DB Wind, is about to begin a programme of trials at the National Renewable Energy Centre in northeast England, hooked-up on the facility's new 15MW test bench.

The four-legged jacket was supplied by Scottish outfit Steel Engineering and the blades by Denmark’s SSP Technology.

Commissioning of the turbine is slated to be finished “by the first half” of 2014, before the unit begins an extensive, multi-year testing programme.

The Korean company hopes to attract orders from UK round 3 developers that would bankroll construction of a turbine manufacturing facility at EPF.

SHI plans to build an 84MW wind farm off the coast of Korea’s Jeju island using the new turbines. The project, to be installed by the end of 2014, will be one of South Korea’s first commercial offshore wind farms.