Gamesa 5MW sets new benchmark

Gamesa’s newly installed G128-5.0 offshore wind turbine prototype has smashed the Spanish record for daily production previously set by its 4.5MW machine.

The prototype, erected on Arinaga Quay in Gran Canaria, set a record-high for power generation for wind turbines in Spain on 2 November when it produced 118.05MWh of electricity over 24 hours, eclipsing the previous record of 107.82MWh set by the G128-4.5.

“This milestone demonstrates the turbine’s tremendous reliability and its ability to withstand extreme wind conditions for more than 24 hours in a row without suffering any incident whatsoever,” says Gamesa.

“This record further confirms the suitability of the site selected for reproducing offshore conditions, enabling the capture of all the data needed for type certification purposes.”

The G128-5.0 MW, Spain’s first purpose-built offshore turbine, is designed for installation in mid-range depth in near-shore waters, with Gamesa eyeing the first of the UK Round 3 projects and the host of developments on the drawing board for construction off Germany.

Featuring a 128-metre diameter rotor and a total height of 154 metres, the G128-5.0, first switched on in July, has since flowed over 2GWh of electricity onto the Spanish island’s power grid for local consumption.