New REpower offshore turbine

Suzlon has unveiled its largest ever offshore turbine, the REpower 6.2M152.

The new machine, which features a rotor diameter of 152 metres, will be constructed offshore with a hub-height of between 95 and 110 metres.

The rotor, some 26 metres wider than the REpower 6.2M126, is calculated to boost energy yield by up to 20% at wind speeds of 9.5 metres per second.

"We are the only manufacturer to have already installed more than 100 offshore turbines in the multi-megawatt class," states REpower Systems chief executive Andreas Nauen.

"With an eye on the outstanding availability and energy yield of the REpower 6.2M126, we have enhanced this robust, proven concept: the bigger rotor and correspondingly larger drive train of REpower 6.2M152 combined with tried-and-tested, first-class technology enables our customers to generate energy even more cost-efficiently on the high seas.”

The prototype of the 6.2M152 has already been sold to an undisclosed buyer, with plans  to erect the flagship with a hub height of 124 metres at an onshore site in northern Germany by the end of next year.

The 6.2M152 will enter commercial production in 2015.

The company will take the wraps off the machine at the EWEA Offshore 2013 event in Frankfurt this week.

REpower announced last month that it will change its name in 2014 to Senvion.