Impax in Finnish wind deals

Nordex | N117/3000 and N100/3300 Delta turbines

The Joukhaisselkä plant will use Nordex turbines

Investment group Impax has closed project financing with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken for the 27MW Joukhaisselkä wind farm in Northern Finland.

The Joukhaisselkä plant, located in the Sodankyl municipality, will use nine Nordex N117/3000 turbines. Construction commenced earlier this year.

The UK investor also completed the acquisition of the 51MW Kuolavaara-Keulakkop wind farm, located in the Kittilä and Sodankyl municipalities.

Local groups Fortum and Metsähallitus developed both projects jointly.

Impax’s NEF II fund has €330m ($455m) of capital committed to investments in the renewable energy sector.

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