Germany sues EC over RE probe

The European Commission is expected to make a preliminary decision on the anti-dumping case in June.

The European Commission

The German government is suing the European Commission at the court of the European Union over an investigation to examine whether exemptions to the payment of the renewable energy surcharge (EEG surcharge) by many German industries are compatible with EU state aid rules.

The office of European competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia – to the chagrin of German energy minister Sigmar Gabriel  – opened the probe in December on two grounds, the more important being the argument that the reduction in the payment of the EEG surcharge for energy-intensive companies appears to be financed from a state resource.

Germany has always rejected that accusation on the grounds that the EEG surcharge is not paid by the state, but by consumers on top of their power bills in order to finance the build-up of renewable energy.

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