Repowering boosts new German wind

Germany now has 33.73GW of onshore wind in operation

Germany now has 33.73GW of onshore wind in operation

Repowering accounted for a quarter of Germany’s 3GW of gross new onshore wind power capacity last year, bringing the accumulated onshore total in Europe’s largest market for renewables to 33.73GW, consolidated data from the German wind federation BWE shows.

The BWE and engineering group VDMA Power Systems are now urging Germany’s government to take into account the growing importance of repowering in its plans to put a 2.5GW annual cap on new onshore wind installations, as part of a reform to legislation on renewables.

Repowering amounted to 766MW, or 25.6% of all new onshore installations in 2013. At the same time a capacity of 258MW was retired last year, reducing the net addition of onshore wind in 2013 to 2.74GW.

Repowering numbers are higher than those of shuttered wind installations, as old turbines with a lower capacity are being replaced Log in to read complete article.

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