German ire at EU target reports

Despite their political differences, Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel have an excellent working relationship

Supporters of an RE target hope Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel will back them at the EU table

Germany’s government, opposition and green groups in unison strongly rejected the idea of scrapping binding targets for renewables and energy efficiency throughout the EU, warning of dramatic repercussions for climate goals.

A majority of European commissioners now back the UK’s argument, supported by EC president Jose Manuel Barroso, that for 2030 member states should only adopt a single greenhouse gas (GHG) target, a Brussels source told Recharge.

“Without a binding greenhouse gas reduction target and a binding target for renewable energies, progress achieved Europe-wide in the restructuring of energy systems would never have been reached,” German economics and energy minister Sigmar Gabriel stressed.

“We should consequently continue on this path. That’s important not only for Europe’s role in international climate negotiations, but Log in to read complete article.

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