German RE nudges 25% 2013 share

Belectric has GE’s advanced central inverter technology installed at three of its PV plants in southern Germany

Solar continued to widen its share of Germany's power mix in 2013

Renewables came within a whisker of accounting for a quarter of Germany's electricity consumption in 2013 – but CO2 emissions also rose amid continued strong coal and lignite production.

Renewables last year hit 24.7% of electricity consumption in Europe’s largest economy, up from 23.6% in 2012, the Agora Energiewende think-tank said, based on data from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilianzen (AGEB).

The AGEB – or Working Group on Energy Balances – was founded by the energy sector and research institutes, and compiles consumption data that serves as a basis for Germany’s energy policy.

Output from renewables also climbed to 23.4% of Germany’s electricity production, up from 22.8% in 2012. National energy output and consumption don’t coincide due to power import and export Log in to read complete article.

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