'Very Long Blade' for Siemens 6MW

Blade Dynamics' 49-metre blade

Blade Dynamics' 49-metre blade

The maiden blade to come out of an ambitious British government-industry scheme to develop a 100-metre-long modular concept for the offshore wind market is on track to be flown by a 6MW Siemens turbine by 2016.

Designed at a down-scaled length of about 80 metres, the prototype, being developed under the aegis of the Energy Technologies Institute’s ‘Very Long Blade Project’, has been engineered by UK outfit Blade Dynamics, based on a concept that uses proprietary jointing techniques to assemble sections ranging in length from 10-25 metres into a lightweight, ultra-long unit.

Plans are to have the prototype ready for static and fatigue tests by the end of 2014, with a three-bladed rotor ready for installation on a first turbine “late in 2015”.

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