Scots to seek UK energy 'partnership'

First Minister Alex Salmond speaks at a public meeting held in Lochaber High SchoolPics by Alan Peebles

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond launched his government’s independence blueprint with a call for a post-referendum “partnership” over the operation of the UK energy market.

The energy and environment element of the 649-page White Paper – entitled Scotland’s Future and launched today in Glasgow – said a newly-independent Scotland would aim to be the key supplier of renewable power to the rest of the UK.

“Following independence, Scottish renewable energy will continue to represent the most cost-effective means for the rest of the UK to meet its renewable ambitions,” said the White Paper.

“The continuation of a system of shared support for renewables and capital costs of transmission among consumers in Scotland and the rest of the UK is a reasonable consideration for meeting the UK's ongoing green commitments.”

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