IN DEPTH: GWEC wind market view

The El Segredal wind farm

The El Segredal wind farm

The worldwide wind market will pull back sharply to less than 40GW this year, predicts the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), having surged to a record high 44.8GW in 2012 on extraordinary demand in rich countries.

However, the pullback – due to weakness in both developed nations like the US and growing economies like China and India – will be temporary, with the global market recovering to 45.3GW in 2014, and then increasing to 61.2GW of annual capacity by 2017.

Last spring, GWEC predicted a 46GW global market in 2012 – just 1.2GW higher than the true figure reported today in its Annual Market Update.

In some cases, most notably with the US, deep uncertainty remains about how the market will evolve beyond the next few years. Log in to read complete article.

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