ANALYSIS: German renewables not safe yet

The Greens are putting electoral heat on Chancellor Merkel, pictured, on energy issues.

Merkel has refused to back Altmaier, centre, and Rösler

Germany's state premiers have refused to back plans to limit power prices by slashing support for renewables.

In negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the premiers rejected the proposal by environment minister Peter Altmaier and economics minister Philipp Rösler.

Without the support of the states, the plan will go nowhere, as the opposition Social Democrats and Greens, which control the Bundesrat (the upper house representing the states), could block the legislation even if it passes in the lower house, the Bundestag.

Top politicians from the federal and state governments only agreed to take off the table a proposal for an additional 1.5% cut in feed-in tariffs (FITs) to plants that are Log in to read complete article.

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