Shale gas 'no competitor' outside US

A Chesapeake Energy fracking site in northeast Pennsylvania

A Chesapeake Energy fracking site in northeast Pennsylvania

Large-scale wind and solar will be competitive before shale gas is developed at scale in every global region except the US, predicts Jason Channell, head of equity research for the global alternative-energy and clean-technology sectors at Citigroup.

The notion that shale gas represents an existential threat to renewables has become a common theme of high-level energy discussions in recent years.

However, in most places the break-even point for shale gas exploitation will be on a par with – or higher than – the cost of utility-scale renewables by the time shale gas development takes off in any commercially significant way, claims Channell, a former oil and gas analyst.

Thanks to its domestic shale gas boom, US natural gas prices currently trade at $3.29 per million British thermal units (BTU) – Log in to read complete article.

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