Siemens 4MW spearheads platform strategy

The Siemens 4MW prototype

The Siemens 4MW prototype

Germany’s Siemens will today launch its recently unveiled 4MW wind turbine, the SWT-4.0-130, as the flagship in a “platform” strategy aimed at standardising its machines in four main groups for mass production.

The new model, which features ultra-flexible 63-metre blades, will target the “comfort zone” offshore projects — developments in depths of up to 30 metres and less than 30km from shore — using a design built around the company’s workhorse SWT-3.6-120.

Nacelle and tower are “advanced variants” of the 3.6MW turbine — 500 of which have been erected around the globe, with another 1,200 on order — while the drivetrain is an evolved version of its predecessor’s three-stage, geared concept, powering an asynchronous generator.

The aeroelastic B63 blades, said to be the “longest and most technologically advanced” in the 4MW class, have been developed Log in to read complete article.

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