Siemens in Denmark court case

Siemens Wind Power is indicted in a case of alleged industrial espionage as part of a court hearing that is due to begin in Denmark tomorrow.

The case centres on a former employee of Siemens who in 2008 is said to have obtained trade secrets from Hendricks Industries, a Danish producer of wind turbine towers.

According to the indictment, Siemens has a responsibility for the former staff member on the basis that the alleged infringements partly took place from its network.

A Siemens spokesperson in Denmark says the company rejects the accusations and that the former employee acted entirely alone.

“As soon as we found out the former employee was fired with immediate effect,” said the spokesperson.

The employee is said over a six month period in 2008 to have gained access to information and programs in Hendricks Industries’ IT systems via the internet, partly from home and partly from Siemens’premises.

The information is said to include minutes from a management meeting, and information relating to deliveries, business strategies, financial information and plans to put the business up for sale.

The former Siemens employee is also charged with passing on confidential information to members of staff at Hendricks Industries without the authorisation to do so. These included proposals to reduce costs and cut staff.

The prosecutor for economic crimes at East Jutland Police in Aarhus wants the former Siemens Wind Power employee to be given a custodial sentence, and will seek a fine for Siemens on the basis that the company has a responsibility for the alleged infringements as they partly took place from its network.

The court case starts tomorrow and is expected to be completed by Friday.

Hendricks Industries was acquired by Hong Kong-based Marsh Global Holdings in 2010.