Siemens cleared by Danish court

Siemens Wind Power has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a case of industrial espionage heard in Denmark this week, according to a judgement summary released by the Court of Aarhus today.

A former employee of the German company was given a six months prison sentence after being found guilty of gaining access to Hendricks Industries’ IT systems and transferring a number of emails and files to his own mailbox.

The man had previously worked for Hendricks Industries, a Danish producer of wind turbine towers and a supplier to Siemens.

The prosecutor also tried to make Siemens Wind Power responsible  for the infringements on the basis that they partly took place from its network, reportedly seeking a DKr90m (€12m) fine against the wind group – but the court found no evidence that Siemens had any culpability.

“We are pleased with the ruling which we find very fair because, of course, we do not do industrial espionage,” a spokesperson told Recharge after the ruling.

According to the indictment, the guilty worker gained access to trade secrets from Hendricks Industries over a six month period in 2008. Siemens told Recharge earlier this week that the employee was fired as soon as the company became aware of what he was doing.

The  man told court this week that he gained access by guessing the passwords of a number of his former colleagues at Hendricks.