Vestas German execs go amid claims

Five Vestas employees – among them former Germany sales manager Andreas Eichler – have left their jobs at the Danish wind turbine manufacturer amid allegations of corruption in the German media.

The company at headquarters in Denmark is staying tight-lipped about the matter and declined to release any information beyond the number of employees that have left.

“Vestas can confirm that a number of employees in Vestas Central Europe, including Andreas Eichler, have left the company. We are not commenting on the nature of their departure,” Vestas said in a statement sent to Recharge.

“Vestas considers this a matter between the company and the affected employees and therefore we do not have any further comments.”

A Vestas spokeswoman told the online version of the magazine Bizz Energy Today that five senior managers left amid accusations regarding compliance issues – meaning they had to leave the company after apparently violating company rules.

The sudden departure in mid-March of the five employees points to a possible severe corruption scandal at Vestas, the magazine claims, citing unnamed industry sources.

Layoffs in Germany usually are only possible after a certain, sometimes lengthy, period of notice. Labour legislation only allows instant dismissals in the case of grave violations of company rules, other severe wrongdoing or operational problems at the company.