Enercon 2013 revenue hit €3.9bn

Enercon, the world’s number-three wind turbine producer, last year posted revenues of about €3.9bn ($5.4bn) and is upbeat that turbine installations will rise further as the company continues its international expansion, managing director Hans-Dieter Kettwig told Recharge.

Kettwig gave a rare insight into the company’s finances after a presentation at the Hanover industrial fair this week. Yet he declined to give profit figures for the company, which is owned by a family foundation and customarily doesn’t disclose detailed financial data.

Last year, 3.67GW of wind turbines from the Aurich, northwestern Germany-based manufacturer were installed across the globe, Kettwig said, of which 41% were built in Germany and 59% outside.

Installed capacity during the first quarter of this year rose to more than 700MW, from slightly less than 500MW last year, Kettwig said, prompting the company to be optimistic about its future expansion.

“You can see that also for 2014 we are very optimistic, and even a bit more optimistic for 2015,” Kettwig said during his presentation to hundreds of clients and visitors at the Hanover fair.

In a slide, Kettwig pointed to expected installations of more than 4GW each for 2015 and 2016, with a slightly higher volume for 2016.

For installations in the German home market, Enercon gave a rough estimate of 2GW for 2015 and 2016 combined. For Northern Europe, the company estimates 670MW in installations in the period, another 400MW in the rest of central Europe, 300MW in Portugal and Spain, 500MW in Greece and Turkey, 650MW in Austria and Eastern Europe, and 50MW in the Baltic states.

In Asia, Enercon sees only 200MW in installations in the two-year period, but another 650MW in Canada, where the company has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Another 265MW are expected in Latin America.

Kettwig stressed that Enercon doesn’t need to enter the offshore wind business as it sees a continued strong onshore expansion during the next five to ten years. Also, starting in 2016/2017, he expects a wave of repowering to take place in the German market.