SA to add Round 3 RE winners

South Africa is to release extra capacity under the third round of its renewables support programme, its energy minister confirmed.

The country last October said it had identified 17 preferred bidders under its Round 3 tender process – but left the door open for that tally to rise.

Energy minister Ben Martins said the allocation of more capacity "following due procurement process" would take into account “the fact that the prices offered by the bidders are competitive, and reflect a downward trend compared to the prices in windows 1 and 2.

“The inclusion of additional bidders will therefore increase the number of IPPs, contributing towards the Department of Energy’s effort to ensure that renewable energy forms a significant part of the energy mix.”

No details were given of the number of extra bidders involved or which renewable technologies they use.

The 17 settled on in 2013 included seven onshore wind projects totalling 787MW, six PV (450MW) and two CSP (200MW).

A fourth bidding round for a further 1GW will close in August, said Martins.