Boost for UK energy research

The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) is to receive a £14m ($16.7m) grant

The centre, which researches sustainable future energy systems, is getting the funding from three Britain-based research councils, via the Research Councils' UK Energy Programme..

“The UK is a world leader in future energy systems, and the need to find new and innovative solutions has never been greater,” says science minister David Willetts.

“ We live in a world of climate change and energy supply challenges, but with ever-increasing demand put on our energy resources. Funding new research is absolutely vital for providing future certainty for the industry.”

UKERC research director Jim Watson says: "We know that these systems need to change radically to tackle climate change and other societal goals, but the way forward is increasingly uncertain. UKERC's research and engagement activities will help to inform policy development, industry strategies and wider energy debates.”

The centre, established in 2004, is in its third phase of support from the research councils.