Lorc setting up component test rig

The Lindø Offshore Renewables Centre (Lorc) is setting up a rig to test wind turbine components and substructures at its base in Munkebo, Denmark.

The new facility, being built with industry partner Force Technology, will include a "strong floor" where foundations for offshore turbines can be tested mechanically, as well as a climatic chamber to trial components and systems under extreme environmental conditions.

"The strong floor will have a number of generic load frames and actuators for static tension/compression, cyclic loading, bending and torsion," says Lorc. "The set-up includes modularised and flexible anchorage points for clamping and hydraulic equipment intended for static and dynamic loading.

"The climatic chamber [is designed] for exposure of structures and components to varying climatic conditions, primarily low and high temperatures, temperature cycles and corrosive environments. This can be used for the testing of cooling systems, transformers, hydraulic systems, generators, gears, etc."

The new facility is slated to be completed by mid-2015.

Lorc has longer-term plans to develop the harbour area of the Lindø Industrial Park as a maritime test facility.

The centre's 10MW nacelle testing rig is cued up for a Vestas V164 unit.

Lorc will have two test docks. One – the function tester, which is slated to be up and running this year – will test nacelle functionality under extreme stresses, while the other, the halt tester, will perform mechanical and "highly accelerated lifetime tests".