Romania confirms RE support cuts

Romania has confirmed it is to heavily cut back on the incentives it grants to wind and solar projects under its green certificate-based scheme.

Energy regulator ANRE plans to cut the number of green certificates to 1.5 from two per MWh for wind energy, to three from six for solar projects and to 2.3 from three for small hydro power plants. The changes will apply to new projects.

Romania’s energy Minister Constantin Nita said last month the government also planned to cut the upper range of the price that renewables producers can get for the tradable certificates.

Energy-intensive industries in Romania, such as steel and aluminium producers, claim that the current renewable support scheme threatens their existence, due to rapidly rising electricity prices.

The move has caused an outcry from Romania’s renewables sector which fears around 4,000 green jobs could be slashed. Romania’s subsidies have attracted billions of euros in investment, particularly in wind power.