Gamesa installs offshore turbine

Gamesa has commissioned its first offshore turbine in the Canary Islands, bringing it one step closer to competing in the offshore market.

The 5MW G128 prototype, installed quayside in Arinaga, Gran Canaria, features a 128-metre-diameter rotor turning a two-stage CompacTrain gearbox and synchronous permanent magnet generator.

Gamesa began installation of the 90-metre-tall carbon steel tower, built via a joint venture between the company and fabricator Daniel Alonso, and 72-tonne nacelle, supplied by Tauste, in mid-April. The 62.5-metre-long, 15-tonnes blades were bolted on in May.

At full power, the turbine is expected to generate enough energy to supply 7,500 households a year.

The G128-5.0 is designed around technologies validated by Gamesa for its 4.5MW onshore machine, including a modular and redundant design concept to boost reliability and maximises energy output.

Serial production is slated to start next year.