Moventas finishes repairs at Vänern

Finland’s Moventas has wrapped up repair work on four of the ten WinWind turbines installed in Sweden’s Vänern lake.

Owned by a collection of Swedish utilities and investors, and located in the largest lake in the European Union, the 30MW Vänern project was commissioned in 2010.

Moventas was called in earlier this year to address mounting production losses at the project, and the Finnish gearbox specialist began a 13-week repair operation in June under challenging weather conditions.  

WinWind, the Finnish wind-turbine maker, is understood to have struggled to live up to its service obligations given its troubled financial state. The last time WinWind announced a major turbine order was in 2012.

Moventas replaced the gearboxes at two of the damaged turbines with its own kit, while at two other turbines the gearboxes were taken out and “refurbished” in Moventas’ service facilities in Finland before being reinstalled.

Repair work in Moventas’ factory was executed in 12 days.

“Flexibility and fast turnaround of the workshop project allowed us to adjust our operations on-site depending on the weather,” says Antti Turunen, EMEA vice president for Moventas Service.

“On windier days the team was preparing for the next wind gap, and when it appeared we could react promptly.”

All four turbines were also equipped with Moventas’ remote diagnostics package launched earlier this year, known CMaS, which monitors things like gearbox vibration, oil condition and particle counts.

After stumbling into bankruptcy in 2011, Moventas was given a new lease on life last year when it was acquired by Scottish engineering group Clyde Blowers.

Moventas has developed a 3MW and 7MW medium-speed geared permanent-magnetic generator drivetrain, dubbed FusionDrive, with compatriot The Switch.

The company is also contracted to supply gearboxes for Areva’s 5MW offshore turbine.