Direct approach to oil transfer

James Fisher Renewables and Chemical Corporation have launched a novel oil transfer system to drain or refill offshore wind gearbox lubricants directly from a conventional access vessel.

The STT system is built around vacuum, preheating and filtration technology to pipe the oil from a deck-mounted unit through umbilical hoses, cutting out the need to fill and hoist containers with the nacelle crane.

Trials in September on a wind farm off the coast of eastern England showed the system could run flush out and refill a gear oil system in less than four hours.

“The current industry practices are not only extremely time-consuming and labour intensive, but also carry an inherent level of operational and pollution risk,” says James Fisher’s Alan Heslop.

“Not only does the STT have the potential to significantly improve technician utilisation and reduce turbine down time, but it also mitigates these risks in the methodologies we have developed.”