Enercon 3MW makes German debut

German onshore wind turbine manufacturer Enercon has erected the prototype of its new E-115/3MW turbine, which has been developed eying the country’s growing market for turbines suitable for inland moderate and low-wind locations.

The prototype was installed in northern Germany on a 135-metre-high concrete tower, and will be available for tower heights of 92 to 149 metres.

The E-115/3MW at a typical inland location with an average wind speed of 6.5 metres per second at a tower height of 149 metres harvests 9.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, Enercon says. That is 14% more energy than Enercon’s E-101 turbine can produce at the same location.

The new E-115 will be available from mid-2014 on. The gearless turbine has a rotor diameter of 115.7 metres.