MRP EU funds for wind cable survey

Developer Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) has been handed €1.4m ($1.9m) by the EU to help cover the cost of a seabed survey of the Irish Sea, as part of its 1.2GW plan to export wind power from Ireland to the UK.

MRP said the European Commission funding will meet half the cost of survey work to plot the best route for the cable.

The funds are forthcoming because MRP’s Energy Bridge project – which aims to site 1.2GW of wind in the Irish Midlands – has been designated a “Project of Common Interest” in Brussels, said the developer.

The survey is due to be carried out in 2014 and 2015.

MRP CEO Eddie O’Connor said: “Carrying out the seabed survey is another major milestone towards exporting power in 2018 and establishing an exciting new industry in Ireland as well as an innovative source of green power for the UK.”