China targets help RE firms – IHS

Goldwind engineers peer down during routine maintenance of a wind turbine at the Longyuan Rudong Intertidal Demonstration in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, China. China's largest offshore wind farm sits in a difficult location where high tide puts the turbines in three meters of water, but low tide brings them out of the water completely.

The NEA set a target of 18GW of new wind this year

China’s renewables developers will this year continue to benefit from robust annual government targets, said analyst IHS.

IHS said the National Energy Administration's (NEA's) recently-published 2014 growth targets – including 18GW for wind and 10GW for PV, 60% of that distributed – “indicate that the government is pursuing its overriding policy priorities relatively aggressively, and in some cases meeting its original targets early”.

According to IHS analyst Olivia Boyd, although the targets “do not reflect any significant deviations from past policy announcements” some of the goals show an “intensification” of Beijing’s efforts.

Boyd said: “The NEA's 2014 renewable energy targets are particularly notable, in part because they reflect the fact that China has frequently Log in to read complete article.

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