Ming Yang 6.5MW prototype ready

CEO Chuanwei Zhang, Ming Yang's CEO

CEO Chuanwei Zhang, Ming Yang's CEO

Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Ming Yang says it has completed the first prototype of a 6.5MW machine for offshore deployment.

Ming Yang’s 6.5MW wind turbine is based around a distinctive two-bladed rotor powering a SCD (Super Compact Drive) transmission system, which was developed with Germany's Aerodyn

Designed chiefly for offshore machines, the “semi-direct” drive-train is streamlined down to a main bearing, bipolar planet gears and a moderate speed permanent-magnet generator in order to save weight and gain efficiency.

The blades use a hydraulic pitch system for greater energy capture and reduced strain on the gearbox.

Ming Yang completed the turbine in June and expects to start installation and testing in the third quarter of Log in to read complete article.

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