The Switch China plant rolling

Finnish wind technology group The Switch said its newest China-based operation is now producing full-power turbine converters, following a rapid deployment under its “model factory” system.

The Switch and its partner Scanfil, a global contract manufacturing group in the electronics sector, set up the production facility in Hangzhou to allow quick response to the needs of local customers while ensuring top quality.

A statement said: “Based on The Switch model factory production approach and executed for the first time for full-power converters in China, ramp-up time took just over one month.”

The model-factory agreement sees Scanfil handle operations and logistics while The Switch takes care of quality assurance and testing.

“Our agreement is different than normal outsourcing because we’re operating like two equal partners,” said Pertti Kurttila, vice president, supply chain, at The Switch.

“What’s key is the logistics. When you get the single piece flow right according to ‘Lean’ practices, a production method aiming to reduce the quantity of resources used, then everything works smoothly.”

The plant is “now moving into a stabilised production phase with the production of 15 megawatt-class full-power converters every five days in two working shifts”, the statement added.

The model factory concept, part of The Switch’s agile business model, is also being deployed at the Finnish group’s Lu’an and Deyang plants.