Brazil approves Alto Sertao start

GE turbines spinning at Renova's Alto Sertão in Bahia state

Alto Sertão I - Brazil - Turbinas GE 1.6GW

Brazil's power regulator Aneel has formalized the start of commercial operations of Renova Energia’s 294.4MW Alto Sertao I wind farm complex in Bahia state.

The move involves 14 wind farms and will occur within 30 days. It came after federal power company Chesf confirmed a local transmission link had been energized.

Aneel said tests on the wind farms should start today. Renova has already said it is ready to start operating the plants commercially.

On 1 June, Chesf said it concluded the link with to the Igapora II substation after investing R$71m ($32m). The wind plants have been idle since 2012. 

Alto Sertao is made up of 184, GE 1.6-100, 1.6MW turbines. Total investment was R$1.2bn. It sold power in the 2009 reserve auction.



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