Brazil registers 17.4GW wind for A-5

Brazilian wind and solar photovoltaic developers have registered more than 23.5GW of projects for the A-5, 12 September auction, accounting for 46% of all proposed generation capacity offered by the projects that were listed.

According to the government's energy planning authority (EPE), a total of 708 wind power projects with total capacity of 17.4GW and 225 solar PV projects, with a combined capacity of 6.1GW, were registered.

EPE said that 1041 projects totaling 50.9GW that would utilize all energy sources were listed.

Although only 36 large-scale natural gas projects were registered, their combined capacity added to 20GW. Another 10 coal-fired thermoelectric projects with a combined capacity of 4.5GW were also registered.

EPE and the government still need to approve the registered projects, publish tender rules and determine the maximum price for the auction. In the A-5 auction in 2013, the price was capped at R$122/MWh ($53.66).

Although solar power projects had also been registered at the A-5 auction last year, none sold power since the price was considered too low for the technology.

Tender winners will have to build the projects and start generating energy in 2019.

EPE President Maurício Tolmasquim said in the statement that this is the largest capacity ever registered in a power auction since they started in 2004, evidence that the private sector believes the groundrules will guarantee an acceptable return on investment.

Sandro Yamamoto, technology director at Brazil's Wind Power Association (Abeeólica) said last week that developers were preferring the A-5 because the large time frame to build projects means lower risks and better supply contracts with equipment manufacturers.

For this year's A-3 auction, 12GW of wind power projects had been listed and 6.3GW approved. The A-3 tender is scheduled for June 6, with a price cap of R$133/MWh.


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