Vestas installs V110-2.0MW prototype

The first V110-2.0MW prototype

The first V110-2.0MW prototype

Danish wind turbine maker Vestas has erected the first V110-2.0MW prototype at the country’s national testing centre at Høvsøre.

The low-wind design, based on the company’s 2MW technology platform with longer 55-metre blades, is calculated to boost energy production by up to 13.6% compared to the V100-1.8MW.

Vestas’ product development strategy is to optimise our products and services to continue to lower the cost of energy for customers,” says chief technology officer Anders Vedel.

“The V110-2.0 MW is an extremely competitive product for maximising energy production at low wind speeds, and over 400 turbines sold demonstrate customers are responding positively to Vestas’ strategy.”

Vestas' North America sales and service division president, Chris Brown, adds: “The turbine has been very well received by the market since being launched in 2013, particularly in the US, with firm orders approaching 800MW.”

In combination with the larger rotor, the V110-2.0MW has a beefed up gearbox as well as new control features designed to strengthen the hub and other parts of the turbine structure without increasing the new model’s overall weight.

The V110-2.0MW prototype, which recently produced its first kWh of electricity, will undergo an extensive test and verification programme before full-scale serial production begins for first deliveries at the end of the year.

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