Vestas eyes 5% upgrades boost

Vestas is to roll out a suite of upgrades to its installed turbine fleet that it claims can boost production by up to 5%.

The wind group will officially launch Vestas PowerPlus at the AWEA Windpower 2014 event in Las Vegas next week.

Vestas PowerPlus features a trio of upgrades.

*Power Uprate for the V82-1.65 MW, V90-1.8 MW and V100-1.8 MW turbines, increasing maximum power output from 1.8MW to 2MW, adding 1%-4% to annual energy production (AEP).

*Extended cut-out for the V90-3.0 MW and V100-1.8/2.0 MW, a modification that allows turbines to capture more wind at higher speeds, extending the maximum wind speed limit to 30 m/s from 25 m/s.

*Aerodynamic upgrades for the V82-1.65 MW – the application of vortex generators to improve aerodynamics, adding up to 0.8% to AEP.

Vestas chief technology officer Anders Vedel said: “The Vestas PowerPlus technology solutions are part of Vestas’ overall strategy of growing our service business, and to respond to a strong customer demand to increase power output while maintaining high reliability.”

Vedel added: “So far Vestas PowerPlus has been very well received by customers, particularly in North America where we expect the fastest impact on sales.”

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