Developers rue variation rule – Melo

 Élbia Melo

Élbia Melo

Bidding by wind developers in June's A-3 auction may be shyer this year because of regulations that limit variations to power supply guarantees – and consequently restrict technical changes – to projects, said Élbia Melo, executive president of Brazil's Wind Power Association (Abeeólica).

“Aneel [Brazil's regulator] has limited to 4% power supply changes after the auction, and this is not good for the wind sector,” she said.

Melo said the government agrees with Abeeolica's argument that this limit should be higher, but claimed that there is not enough time to change the rules without delaying the auction, scheduled for June 6.

According to Melo, wind developers need broader limits for changes to allow them to negotiate more effectively with turbine suppliers.

“It's a characteristic of the wind sector that changes are made in the machinery and layouts of the projects Log in to read complete article.

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