Alpha Ventus outstrips forecast

REpower turbines at  Alpha Ventus

A turbine at Alpha Ventus

Germany's pioneering 60MW Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm has passed the 1TWh production milestone, having ramped up to supply electricity equal to demand of some 285,000 homes since its switch-on four years ago.

The 12 turbine offshore development flowed an average 253.14GWh a year between 2011-13, beating forecast output by around 10%, and operating at a capacity factor of 48.1%.

Production last year slipped to 224.6GWh due to a combination of lower winds and technical downtime, falling 3.3% below the projected average annual yield.

“Offshore is not yet routine. The economic, safe and environment-friendly operation of an offshore wind farm in the North Sea continues to be our key goal," says Wilfried Hube, chief executive of development operator DOTI, a consortium made up of Log in to read complete article.

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