SeaAngel foundation work begins

Mitsubishi's SeaAngel

Mitsubishi's SeaAngel

First concrete is being poured today for the foundation of the flagship 7MW Mitsubishi SeaAngel being erected at Scotland’s quasi-offshore Hunterston test centre.

The prototype, which had its original date slip from last autumn after knock-on delays linked to “difficult ground conditions” at its foundation location at the SSE-run coastal demonstration site in Clydeport, is now slated for June installation.

Turbine components for the SeaAngel should begin arriving in mid-May with erection planned for completion the following month.

The 7MW turbine flies 81.6-metre-long Eurus blades, which turn a drive-train based around hydraulic “digital displacement transmission” technology and a brushless synchronous generator.

The lead-off turbine being installed at Hunterston, Siemens’ 6MW SWT-6.0-154 machine, is curently being connected to the grid. Final commisioning is Log in to read complete article.

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