Merkel to talk to Greens again

Merkel is keeping her options open

Merkel is keeping her options open

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a meeting with the Greens yesterday will continue preliminary coalition talks with the strongly pro-renewables party, as well as with the larger Social Democrats (SPD).

Merkel’s strategy to talk to both of the hitherto opposition parties at the same time likely is a tactic to ensure neither of them will make demands for a possible coalition that are too high.

Both the SPD and the Greens have more ambitious targets for renewable energies than Merkel’s outgoing government that included the liberal Free Democrats, who had become increasingly hostile to Germany’s renewables support system based on relatively generous feed-in tariffs (FITs).

Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and her Bavarian ally, the Christian Social Union (CSU), in late September federal elections Log in to read complete article.

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