UK's OFTO regime slammed by MPs

An Alstom-designed substation at Robin Rigg
The system by which the UK allocates ownership of the power lines linked to its expanding base of offshore wind farms has come under heavy fire, with an influential group of Members of Parliament arguing that it represents a bad deal for consumers.

While the group has no immediate authority to prompt changes to the so-called Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) regime, its criticism could lead to deeper scrutiny by government and media, potentially broadening the uncertainty that has engulfed much of the UK’s future energy policy into another, previously secure arena.

The terms of the six OFTO licenses granted to date “appear to have been designed almost entirely to attract investors at the expense of securing a good deal for consumers”, says the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which scrutinizes government expenditures to ensure transparency and Log in to read complete article.

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