Areva's new model: first it was a monster, now it's a 'killer'

The M5000-135

The M5000-135

Looking beyond the M5000-116, Areva is pressing ahead with final fine-tuning of a longer-bladed “killer turbine” dubbed the M5000-plus by company engineers.

Featuring flexible 66-metre, 23.5-tonne glass-reinforced plastic blades, the new 5MW offshore turbine — being marketed as the M5000-135 — will have a rotor diameter 19 metres wider than the current production model, with a swept area of 14,326 square metres. That is almost 4,000 square metres more than the 116.

The aim in developing the larger M5000, which will have a 365-tonne top-head, has been to “increase power production without jeopardising track record”, says Areva Wind research and development director René Balle.

“The 116 has, since 2004, been recognised as a monster platform Log in to read complete article.

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