In Depth: GE thinks local with bespoke wind turbine for Brazil

GE is developing a wind turbine specifically for the growing but cut-throat Brazilian market, as it ramps up its hub-assembly factory in Campinas for bigger and more competitive machines, Recharge has learned.

In two years, the US company has delivered 293 hubs made in Brazil. It has 601 machines on order and expects to announce new deals imminently.

Brazil has become a key market for the company, says Sérgio Souza, GE wind sales manager for Latin America.

GE survived a recent audit by Brazilian development bank BNDES that saw some of its competitors, including Vestas and Siemens, de-authorised from the bank’s list of manufacturers that comply with the 60% minimum national-content rule.

Project developers using those turbines would have to pay higher Log in to read complete article.

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