Sinovel faces court action in Brazil over AMSC IP theft claims

Sinovel turbine hubs at a factory in China

Sinovel turbine hubs at a factory in China

Brazilian developer Desenvix is said to have filed a court order to inspect Sinovel wind turbines imported into Brazil, to find out if they contain components affected by the intellectual property (IP) rights dispute with technology supplier AMSC.

According to a statement from AMSC, Desenvix has sought an order in a Barra dos Coqueiros court. US-based AMSC has filed a similar case.

“Since the turbines arrived in Brazil, Desenvix has been requesting evidence from Sinovel that the wind turbines to not contain AMSC’s stolen intellectual property,” AMSC says.

“To date, Sinovel has refused to provide adequate evidence. As a result, Desenvix filed the court order.”

The turbines in question are presumably the 23 1.5MW Sinovel machines for the Barra dos Coqueiros wind farm in Sergipe state, Log in to read complete article.

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