Dong's Westermost Rough first in line for Siemens 6MW roll out

Die Gondel des Prototyps wird auf den Turm gehoben. Dieser erste Prototyp wird jetzt umfangreichen Test hinsichtlich Leistungsfähigkeit und Verfügbarkeit unterzogen. The nacelle of the prototype is lifted to the top of the tower. Siemens is in the process of thoroughly testing and validating the performance of the new wind turbine before the product will be officially launched for sale in the near future.

Danish offshore wind giant Dong Energy is likely to carry out its first full-scale deployment of Siemens 6MW turbines under its landmark 1.8GW framework deal at the Westermost Rough project in the Wash, UK development director Jesper Holst tells Recharge.

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