In Depth: Aberdeen Bay may be Vattenfall's offshore Trump card

To the wider world, the proposed wind farm in Aberdeen Bay — known as the European Offshore Wind Development Centre (EOWDC) — is best known for inspiring fits of rage in US tycoon Donald Trump.

But for Vattenfall, which owns 75% of the £150m ($230m) project, the site is an essential stepping stone on the path towards Round 3, allowing component suppliers to learn from the successes and failures of their next-generation kit so that developers and financiers can become comfortable employing them at commercial wind farms.

Eohgan Maguire, Vattenfall’s head of research for the EOWDC, says the project will be a “hugely important piece of the jigsaw puzzle for reducing costs”, given the shortage of full-scale offshore wind test facilities in Europe, and the Log in to read complete article.

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