Morten Albæk of Vestas: 'We're in the business of saving the world'

Morten Albæk has nothing but nice things to say about his colleagues and forebears in the wind business, except for this: they have made a shockingly bad job of selling wind energy to the average consumer.

Part corporate philosopher, part iconoclast and part modern-day Renaissance man — oh, and he also happens to be a senior vice-president at Vestas — Albæk is convinced that if wind power is to one day dominate the world’s energy mix, it will not get there through traditional business and political channels.

Rather, it needs to tap into the hearts and minds of consumers around the world. It may sound soppy, but, in the eyes of Albæk, it is just intelligent business.

“Considering how many smart and skilful people actually work in the wind Log in to read complete article.

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