Eletrosul seeks auction partners

Eletrosul will make big investments to expand Cerro Chato

Eletrosul will make big investments to expand Cerro Chato

Brazil's federal power company, Eletrosul, is seeking partners and projects to bid in forthcoming power auctions, including the A-3 process scheduled for June, the company said in a statement.

The potential partners and owners of projects need to register their intent up to seven days before an auction's rules are published. Once approved, Eletrosul will create special-purpose companies to take them forward.

Although Eletrosul didn't specify a technology, the company has formed several wind power joint ventures in recent auctions.

The company has over 20 wind power projects and operating plants with a combined installed capacity of 782.5MW.

All are located in Brazil's southern region where the company's headquarters are located.

These include the operating, fully-owned, Cerro Chato I, II and III with 30MW each.

It also has stakes of up to 49% in several other wind farms, which will require investments of R$3.16bn ($1.3bn) through 2016.

Of that, it should invest R$350m in the Cerro Chato IV and V, which started pre-commercial tests in March 2014.

Another R$1bn will be invested in the Geribatu wind power complex and R$600m in the Chuí complex.

It will also inject another R$200m to expand the Cerro Chato complex and R$900bn to enlarge the Chuí and Geribatu complexes after winning bids in the A-3 auction in 2013.


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