Trillium amends Ontario lawsuit

Trillium's project was to have been offshore Kingston, Ontario.

Trillium's project was to have been offshore Kingston, Ontario.

Trillium Power has filed an amended claim in Ontario’s highest court that reduces damages to C$500m ($472m) being sought from the provincial government for a 2011 decision to freeze Great Lakes offshore wind development and cancel its projects.

The Ontario Court of Appeal last month partly overturned a lower court ruling in October 2012 in favor of the government’s motion to dismiss the initial C$2.25bn lawsuit.

Trillium's basis for seeking damages was two-fold: 

First, it asserted that Ontario unlawfully deprived it of a lucrative off-shore wind-powered electric generation project for an improper political purpose, specifically an electoral purpose.

In a second complaint, it alleged that Ontario’s decision specifically targeted Trillium with a view to crippling it financially so that it would not be able to contest the government’s actions.

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